1. Al Balid Ruins
This ancient trading-turned-tourist hub is one of the popular destinations in Dhofar. Stop by and take a few photographs of the remains of old residential areas, stone-shaped artefacts, and the Al Balid Fort.
Salalah, Dhofar

2. Sumhuram Old City
Visit Dhofar’s prehistoric city on the Frankincense trail and enjoy scenic views of the old port and its mesmerising ruins. The city was known for being the centre of frankincense trade back-in-the-day, and now has become a must-visit destination.
Salalah, Dhofar

3. Land of Frankincense
Take a trip to the mountains of Salalah and learn all about the heavenly fragrant sap of the twisted frankincense trees that are said to be more than 200 years old. With a mesmeric hint of fragrance in the air; breezy, cool weather; and lush green landscapes, what’s not to love?
Salalah, Dhofar

4. Mirbat Castle
Stop by the historic and much-celebrated castle of Mirbat, which holds a special place in the hearts of Dhofaris. Visit to get a sense of its rich history and its ancient, storied past from the people who know it best.
Mirbat, Dhofar

5. Frankincense Land Museum
This museum is a one-stop-destination for everything related to Dhofar. Visiting the place will surely be an interesting sojourn through the frankincense trade, lost cities, strange languages, coconut groves that make up the history of Dhofar.
Al Balid, Salalah, Dhofar